To identify, initiate and support the healthcare, health education and physical fitnessactivities in order to promote health awareness in the community. Also provide advice andassist patients for medical treatment both locally and abroad when required.


Date: 21st January 2011

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Revised Guidelines for the Jamaats and Self-Financing Patients

As per the flowchart that can be downloaded from the link below, the following is the information that provides useful guidance and direction of the processes and procedures to the constituent jamaats and self-financing patients to follow when dealing with medical cases that require CHB's interventions. It will be beneficial for all, and will speed up the process if the following guidelines are followed.


For Welfare Patients:

  • Patient obtains medical reports and submits to his/her constituent Jamaat with a letter seeking assistance for medical treatment, specifying clearly the type of assistance required.
  • Jamaat in collaboration with its Medical Board would do the necessary vetting of the case and submit to AFED Secretariat.
  • AFED Secretariat would forward the report to CHB's Doctors' Panel which in turn would respond to AFED with the recommended treatment guideline.
  • AFED Secretariat in turn would respond to the respective Jamaat with the recommendation, based on the expert's opinions.
  • If local treatment is recommended, Jamaat would arrange directly with own medical facilities or any local hospital.  If overseas treatment is required, CHB shall assist and arrange with appropriate overseas consultants/specialists/hospitals.  Approval of funds sought for treatment, is done by AFED Office Bearers.  However, Jamaats are required to contribute financially towards the treatment of its welfare members.

For Self-Financing Patients:

  • Patient obtains medical reports and submits to CHB for consultation and advice.
  • CHB Doctors' Panel may require patient to undergo further consultation/checkup by the local specialists/consultants.  Patient pays the fees directly to the the specialists/consultants/hospital.
  • After completion of the above, CHB Doctors' Panel, with the assistance from other specialists/consultants (if required) would assess and advise the patient a course of action. If it can be treated locally, the patient would be advised accordingly.
  • If overseas treatment is required, CHB will recommend various options, and if requested, shall arrange appointments with the overseas consultants, specialists and hospitals. Appointments shall be made in collaboration with the patient or with the immediate family members of the patient.
  • Patient pays the bills etc. of hospital charges, consultants, diagnostics, treatment etc. directly to the hospital/consultants himself or herself.

"Community's  health - CHB's priority"

 chbNovember 30th, 2010

Discussing Medical Camps in 
DSM, Arushua, and Moshi. 

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  • Shabbir Kermalli

  • Dr. Imran Hassam

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  • Mohammed M Alloo

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