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The Africa Federation Women Board (AFWB) has organized an Essay and Quiz Competition for ladies of the community on Lady Fatima (S.A.) to coincide with the month when we commemorate her Martyrdom and celebrate her Birth Anniversary.
The Objective of the Essay and Quiz is to: To educate women on the Islamic viewpoint of family ethics, to inculcate morals and spiritual values that oversee relationships between family members and to give an Islamic insight into the Life of Our Role Models like the Lady of Light, Hazrat Fatma (SA) bint Muhammad al Mustafa (SAWW).

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The Africa Federation Women’s Board (AFWB) in collaboration with the KSI Jamaat of Arusha held a communication workshop on Tuesday 14th October 2014 for young couples titled “LETS TALK”.

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The Africa Federation Women Board in collaboration with KSI Jamaat of Arusha organized a Seminar titled “OUR MARRIAGE, OUR HAPPINESS” on 8th and 9th February 2014 in Arusha and was attended by 122 participants.
The Seminar was conducted by Sr. Fatema Shabbir Somji (daughter of Bwana Ali Sheriff) from Zanzibar and Br. Hameed Sheriff from Arusha, which was held jointly for ladies and the gents. The topics discussed were as follows: 

  • Ladies Session:         

Communication between a husband and a wife, parent and child/sister/ brother/ friends and other problems encountered in relationships. 

  • Ladies and Gents Session:  

Men’s Brains, Women’s Brains; How We Think; What We Mean and Say. 

  • Session for Youths (Boys and Girls - 14 – 25 Years):      

Taking Ownership of Life (Issues discussed were relationships, substance abuse, media, technology etc.)

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The Africa Federation Women’s Board (AFWB) in collaboration with the KSI Jamaat of Arusha held a workshop on Saturday 18th January 2014 for ladies on “KNOWING YOUR PERSONALITY”

The workshop was conducted by Sister Zainab Hasnain Khimji from Nairobi, who was in Arusha on a private visit.

Sister Zainab Khimji is a Montessori trained teacher with 20 years of experience in teaching.  She works with children with special needs. She has also specialized in communication skills and with her keen interest; she has done a lot of research in different types of personalities.

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