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Jaffery Complex – Speech by Mombasa Jamaat Chairman Alhaj Sajjad Rashid

Below, is the speech by the Chairman of the Mombasa Jamaat Sajjad M. Rashid at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the JAFFERY COMPLEX which was held yesterday, Friday, 28th September, 2012 corresponding to 11th Mahe Zilqaad 1433 A.H.- The day of the Wiladat of our 8th Imam Ali Musa Ridha (a.s.) Bismillahi Rahmanir Rahim Maulana Sahiban, The President of the World Federation Alhaj Dr. Asghar...

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Jaffery Medical Clinic Mombasa – Report

JAFFERY MEDICAL CENTRE THE FIRST MOBILE CLINIC STARTS OPERATIONS IN MOMBASA, KENYA The Jaffery Medical Centre in Mombasa is managed by the Jaffery Medical Board of the KSI Jamaat of Mombasa. The Centre has just completed five years of its existence. JMC provides outpatient service and is manned by two doctors and one dentist, besides the requisite support...

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Aashura Juloos in Mombasa

A brief report of the Juloos-Mombasa The Ashura Procession in Mombasa was held on Monday 5th December 2011 starting at 8pm. As is done annually, the procession began from the Husayni Masjid, fondly known as Fauj, trekking its way past the narrow streets of Old Town towards McKinnon market, across a section of Digo Road, before heading towards...

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Mombasa Jaffery Academy Charity Walk – Journey Through the Golden Years

After much anticipation and intensive preparation, the Mombasa Jaffery Academy and its sister school in Toronto As-Sadiq Islamic School linked arms across the sea and joined together to partake in the much-publicised and long-awaited three-day charity event in Mombasa, called: Journey Through the Golden Years. For many who had gone to the Jeffery Academy or its predecessor, the...

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