Friday, 27/May/2022; 25-Shawwal 1443 AH

Bilal Bulletin – BMM Kenya – Economic Upliftment Project – January to April 2021 Report

Quarterly Newsletter January - April 2021 Economic Upliftment project (EUP) is about empowering individuals in the 15 rural centres managed by the Mission with primary focus being women. The department was initiated in the year 2006.  Microfinance Project:The main objective of this scheme is to provide a capital investment to members through interest free loans for various businesses....

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Bilal Bulletin – BMM Kenya – Muballigh Workshop Report

Muballigh Workshop Report Enhancing Teacher’s Professionalism Introduction This report aims at conveying an overview of the proceedings of the Bilal Kenya Madrassa Teachers’ Workshop held between 1st-8th  February and 14th -21st February 2021 at Imam Al-Ridha Islamic Centre, Mtongwe. The main objective of this series of workshops is to enhance the madrassa teachers’ teaching skills and capabilities towards...

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