Saturday, 25/Mar/2023; 3-Ramadan 1444 AH

Alhaj Sibtain Meghjee is appointed member of Executive Council of Bakwata

Chairman of Mwanza Jamaat, Alhaj Sibtain Bhai Meghjee is appointed member of the Executive National Muslim Council of Bakwata The Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa is pleased to learn ofthe recent appointments announced by The National Muslim Executive Council ofTanzania (Baraza Kuu La Waislam Tanzania – BAKWATA). Alhaj Sibtain bhai Meghjee, the Chairman of the...

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Community History 2 (Suleman Khimji)

Community History 2 (Suleman Khimji) Brother Suleman Khimji together with Brother Abdallah Khimji travelled from India facingdifficulties through the Arab population and going through tough times he arrived atPangani in 1888. Sulemanbhai was only 14 years old. At that time, most of the buildingswere built of raw clay bricks and thatched roofs with dried palm leaves (in other...

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Mourning The Demise of Marhum Fidahussein Juma Ukera

THE AFRICA FEDERATION ARCHIVES MOURNS THE DEMISE OF MARHUM FIDAHUSSEIN JUMA UKERA (ORIGINALLY OF SOMALIA) On 17th November 2010 Marhoom Mulla Fidahusein a former Chairman of KSI Merca jamat of Somalia passed away in Mombasa and was buried on Thursday 18th November 2010. Mulla Fidahusein was born in Merca, Somalia in 1938 and brought up there, he studied at the Italian...

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Marhum Haji Merali Kassam

MARHUM HAJI MERALI KASSAM Haji Merali Kassam was born in 1916 in Mariya. After acquiring the basiceducation he left for Dar-es-Salaam at a young age of 14. He worked for oneand a half year in Dar-es-Salaam and Kondoa Irangi. He went to Kampala and resided there for a year where three of his elderbrothers lived with their families....

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Kigoma Imambara Opening

The opening ceremony of Kigoma Imambara was performed by AlHaj Mohamed Dhirani Chairman of the Federation of the Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Jamaats of Africa accompanied by Late Habib Mulji (Vice Chairman) and Mawlana Sajad Hussein, On 19th Shabaan 1404, 21st May 1984 to mark the 14th Centenary of the Birth of Imam Hussein A.S. {gallery}archives/kigomaimambaraopening{/gallery}

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Mahe Muharram 1432

AFRICA FEDERATION ARCHIVES MAHE MOHARRAM 1432, 17 DECEMBER 2010 ASALAM ALAYKA YAA ABAA ABDILLAHIL HUSSEIN Ashura in Dar-es-Salaam {gallery}/photos/muharram1432{/gallery} For the 1st time, SHIAS of Dar Es Salaam had an open MAJLIS at KIDONGO CHEKUNDU next to MNAZI MMOJA on the day of Ashura {gallery}/photos/kidongo1432{/gallery}

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