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Record of AFED Sports Festivals

Year  Venue 1st Sports Festival  1984 Dar es Salaam 2nd Sports Festival 1985 Mombasa 3rd Sports Festival 1986 Nairobi 4th Sports Festival 1987 Dar es Salaam 5th Sports Festival 1989 Mombasa 6th Sports Festival 1994 Nairobi 7th Sports Festival 1995 Dubai 8th Sports Festival 1997 Dar es Salaam 9th Sports Festival 2001 Dubai 10th Sports Festival 2003 Nairobi...

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Sports Council – By Laws

THE KHOJA SHIA ITHNA-ASHERI SUPREME COUNCIL SPORTS COUNCIL BY – LAWS Adopted at the meeting of the Sports Council held in Nairobi on Saturday 24th April 2004 1.         TITLE: The body shall be known as the Sports Council of the Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaats of Africa (hereinafter referred to as the Sports Council) and shall...

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Nomination – Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year 2011

CIRCULAR NO: JMT/124/11 The Sports Council of Africa Federation calls upon all Jamaats under the Africa Federation and the Conseil Regional Des Khojas Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamates De L'Ocean Indien (Regional Council of Madagascar) to submit their nominations for the "Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year" by filling in the enclosed Questionnaires. Jamaats are requested to note that nominations...

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