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Education Board News Flash 18 – 2020/2021 – Student Story – Covid19 – Opportunity for Positive Change

Covid19 - Opportunity for Positive Change (Student Story)  “My name is Sayyeda Jetha, I am a member of the Muslims of the Khoja Shia Ithnashary Jamaat Mwanza. I am pursuing Bachelor in Pharmacy at CT University Punjab, India. I was residing in the university hostel when the pandemic broke up until mid-June. Due to the seriousness of the...

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Education Board News Flash 17 – 2020/2021 – Student Story – Covid19 -Opportunity for Positive Change

Covid19 - Opportunity for Positive Change Covid-19 has impacted universities and colleges around the world, causing major changes to student’s life. These changes, from not being able to live on campus to taking classes online, have taken their toll on college students financially, academically, and mentally.Community students were asked how they were dealing with the pandemic and what...

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Education Board News Flash 14 – 2020/2021 – What to look for in your College Search

Allied Health Science College Search This is the 4th article in the series “Exploring Allied Health Sciences”. We discussed different allied science courses and shared motivating stories from our Alumni. This article will discuss how to choose the right college/university for allied health science course. There are several other aspects to look at before you make your final...

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