Sunday, 23/Jun/2024; 17-Dhul Hijjah 1445 AH

Bilal Bulletin – BMM Uganda – Mahe Ramadhan 1445/2024 – Report

Introduction: Alhamdulillah, like every year, BMMU successfully completed the holy month of Ramadhan with a series of impactful activities aimed at serving and engaging our community. From the Ramadhan food drive to multiple Iftars, Qur’an recitations to Qur’an competitions, and much more, below is a detailed summary of the activities carried out in this blessed month. Guest Speakers...

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Bilal Bulletin – BMM Uganda – Opening of the New BMM Uganda Head Quarters in Kampala

Bilal Muslim Mission Uganda (BMMU) Headquarters underwent a significant relocation, transitioning from their former location on Coronation Road in Old Kampala to a more spacious and accommodating site provided by Mukwano Industries on Martin Road, a prominent thoroughfare. The decision to move the HQ from the previous premises was to support our expanding scope of activities and an...

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Bilal Bulletin – BMM Uganda – BMMU and Al-Mustafa University Collaboration

Bilal Muslim Mission Uganda (BMMU) demonstrated its unwavering dedication to maintaining unity within the community. During a recent visit to Al - Mustafa University, Chairman Br. Afzalali Bhimani engaged in discussions with Dr. Dehgani, the Principal of Al-Mustafa University, addressing critical issues affecting the community across the country. The Matters in discussion were:  Exploring the opportunity of spreading the...

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Kampala Jamaat – Alhaj Mustafa Kanji Awarded the Prestigious Imam Ali A.S. Citation

ALHAJ MUSTAFA GULAMABBAS ABDALLA KANJI AWARDED THE PRESTIGIOUS IMAM ALI A. S. CITATION  Born in 1954 in a beautiful city of Mombasa, Kenya and grew up in a very religious environment whereby his father and siblings were all Zakir-e-Hussain. His father was known for his charismatic voice having got the nickname of Mulla Bulbul. Mustafa bhai started community work...

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BMM Uganda – February 2020 Report

1. External Preaching: On Friday 14th February 2020, the delegation of Bilal visited one of its centers in Lwamata of Kiboga district to cross check on the working environment there. While at Lwamata, in masjid Salman Farsi, Sheikh Abdul Majid led the Jumah prayers and then the Chief Missionary gave a sermon about the major differences between Shia...

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