Saturday, 02/Dec/2023; 18-Jumada Al Oula 1445 AH

Kampala Jamaat – Alhaj Mustafa Kanji Awarded the Prestigious Imam Ali A.S. Citation

ALHAJ MUSTAFA GULAMABBAS ABDALLA KANJI AWARDED THE PRESTIGIOUS IMAM ALI A. S. CITATION  Born in 1954 in a beautiful city of Mombasa, Kenya and grew up in a very religious environment whereby his father and siblings were all Zakir-e-Hussain. His father was known for his charismatic voice having got the nickname of Mulla Bulbul. Mustafa bhai started community work...

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BMM Uganda – February 2020 Report

1. External Preaching: On Friday 14th February 2020, the delegation of Bilal visited one of its centers in Lwamata of Kiboga district to cross check on the working environment there. While at Lwamata, in masjid Salman Farsi, Sheikh Abdul Majid led the Jumah prayers and then the Chief Missionary gave a sermon about the major differences between Shia...

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Bilal Bulletin – Bilal Uganda January 2017 Report

BRIEF REPORT - JANUARY 2017 Bilal Muslim Organization of Uganda conducted a number of activities in January, 2017 among them are the following:BOREHOLE NO 37:Water projects: One Borehole was dug and officially opened by the delegation from Bilal Muslim Organization in the areas of Kayindu Luweero District.The Borehole will help the inhabitants of more than six Villages, worshiping...

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BMM Uganda – Muharram 1437 AH Report

MUHARRAM 1437 A.H. ACTIVITIES REPORT “The purpose of my stand is to reform the Nation of my grandfather. I only intend to enjoin good and forbid evil and in doing so, emulate my grandfather, the messenger of Allah (SWT) and my father Ali Ibn Abu Talib (AS)” Imam Hussain (AS)  The Bilal Muslim Mission of Uganda organized various Muharram...

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BMM Uganda – September 2016 Report

Bilal Muslim Organization Uganda this year as one of its activities celebrated the festival of Eid ul Adha with its community.After the Eid prayer, some goats, sheep and a cow were slaughtered and the meat was distributed Muslim brothers and sisters who were more than 250 in number gathered for Eid ceremony.Three centres; Nansana, Alhudah Kibundaire in Jinja District  and...

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